site specific drawing and painting

with Tal Amitai

30.05.2023-03.06.2023 with 3-5 participants, course-fee: 520.-€

an Invitation to a drawing and painting workshop in an environment that looks like a painting.

situated in an Idyllic location over the hills, watching over a beautiful valley and mountain peaks with a warm family atmosphere. 

within a small group that allows personal guidance and support, we will explore the experience of site specific drawing and painting, capturing the moment and place with the creative power of observation rather than our mobile phone camera.

choosing a subject and creating a composition from reality, nature and landscape, still-life or the architecture of the house. 

the workshop will offer learning exercise in different techniques you could choose from, 

like pencil, ink, charcoal, aquarelle, gouache or acrylic. 

other materials are also possible to use if you are interested and want to bring your own. 

we will work with short quick exercises next to a work you can take more time to make over the days of the workshop.

Tal Amitai is a visual artist, character designer, painter, film maker, musician and sugar crafter,

graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, creating scenes through the last 25 years he has been working and teaching in Zurich, Berlin and Tel Aviv

some of Tal Amitais paintings:


Filigree in Tuscany with Susanne Matsché in May 2023

Beautiful and as light as a feather – jewelry from fine silver wire

Twisting, spinning, rolling, soldering

An introduction to the technique of delicate silver wire ornaments

price winning "her new underwear"

price winning piece “her new underwear”

I´m very proud and happy that this extraordinary artist Susanne Matsché will teach a filigree class in Volksluxus Summerschool in Italy! Seems like magic but step by step it is possible to learn this ancient tecnique!

In the menu you will find more information about this course: Filigree in Tuscany

Some pictures and infos about the location and accomodation: Summer-school

and even more summer-school pictures in the Fotogalery of the german website: kreativurlaub

Happy Eastern!

Still some pation needed, but we will work on! Please ask via e-mail for single- lessons in Berlin Volksluxus if you are interested in making jewellery!

Summerschool is planed and even with few students we will start the season in May: working outside, mantaining distance and taking care of each other! Have a look at the dates!

going on carefully…


Still going on  carefully: It´s good and sane to spend the time working on nice things…

Obvious, it´s more difficult to find the dates for single lessons, but we try to do our best  Let´s keep going on somehow!

It´s also  possible to book workshop-vouchers…Please write us!

10 years Volksluxus- Still Alive!!!


Minotaurus – once lost in the labyrinth – comes to life again and with it the legacy of founder Michael Steger, the silversmith and performance artist who died last year. Together with Volksluxus artists, Michael Steger forged his giant Minotaur, which now invites you to dance!

Leading up to this we also are offering a mask forging workshop and a movement and dance performance workshop. Participation in either also invites you to join in the Dance of the Monster Masks on 31 October.


It was great! Thank you so much for joining us!!!!

Our Beloved Monster

Volksluxus – Annual Exhibition 2017
on 25. and 26.11.2017 at Naunynstr. 52/53, 10999 Berlin

The last thing Minotaur saw before he died was the jewelry.

It was the dazzling jewelery wreath that Ariadne held for her hero Theseus as a luminous salvation over his head to find the way out from the labyrinth. The silver sword that killed him saw Minotaur, the mixed birth of bull and human,  no more.

Michael Steger immortalized the Minotaur in his own way; as a monster that looks threatening only at first glance, but that we may all carry within us. Unfortunately, Micha did not survive the other evil monster he carried in him, the cancer.

The giant Minotaur, a brass mask, was Micha’s last creation. It was designed by him, implemented by his artist friends and finished, forged, and brought to life on the shoulders of the dancers. In our exhibition, we celebrate Michael’s irrepressible creativeness and energy which will always live on. Because, of course it was he who made the jewelry for Ariadne at the time. Nobody knows anymore …

Minotaur and Volksluxus artists Guillaume Airiaud, Alexander Dammeyer, Troels Primdahl, Sybille Jagfeld, Kasia Wielusinska, Anna Butwell, Dana Scherer, Annelies Steen, Maren Weise, Juri Peters, Rieke Prock, Yasaman Pishvaei and Tom De Pascalis are looking forward to your visit!

Thousand thanks to our neighbours Kreuzberg Pavillon and Pelle Mia for room and support!

  Opening ceremony: 25.11.2017 at 19 o’clock

  Opening hours: Saturday 25.11. from 15 to 22 o’clock, Sunday 26.11. from 1 to 7 pm

 Volksluxus, Naunynstr. 52, 10999 Berlin Kreuzberg, phone: 0157 71581582

For jewelery enthusiasts, a walk in Kreuzberg is worthwhile: At the same time there are exhibitions in the jewelery galleries NOON at Dresdner Str. 26  and at Martina Dempf at Fraenkelufer 44



1 place left at summerschool in June

There is still 1 place left in the summeschool classes at June.

The course will start at 30.05. 2017.

You can book 1 or 2 weeks.

Please phone me, I will call back

+49 157 72582582

or write a mail to