Working with your own design you will learn the basic techniques of gold- and silversmithing: sawing, filing, soldering, smithing, embedding gemstones, etc.

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The course lasts 12 hours and will cost 195.-€ including the use of the tools but excluding the costs of materials as silver, gold and gemstones. It´s possible to recycle jewellery and silverware. Indeed: making your own material, inorder to get a feeling for the processes of forming metal, is part of the workshop. You will find more documentation of workshop-projects on our german website: goldschmiedekurse.wordpress.com

Anna Butwell offers a 3hour- taster-course for 75.-€ including 15g sterling-silver.

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In order to work at bigger projects or getting really good into working processes we offer 2 week or 1 week courses in nice places surrounded with nature. (Read more at summer school).  The courses are open to any level since the groops are very small (3 persons maximum).


Volksluxus was founded in 2008 by Michael Steger. Now his friends, a group of craft-based artists (mainly goldsmiths) continue his work.


For further information and booking  please contact us via email.


Sybille Jagfeld: jagfeld@libero.it