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imageThe German jewelery artist Sybille Jagfeld was born 1971 in Munich. She studied goldsmithing at the Design Academy Hanau (Diploma 1994) and continued her education at the Art Academy Munich and the Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara (Italy), switching to the discipline Stage Design. After ten years working for several operahouses and theater productions she turned back to her roots, creating new silverobjects. Since 2012 she has been working and teaching at the studio association Volksluxus at Berlin-Kreuzberg.

1993 recognition award Deutscher Schmuck und Edelsteinpreis Idar Oberstein

Anna Butwell –, +49 152 23 102255

Anna has been interested in handcraft work since a young child. Working in the prop departments of film and television for many years allowed the opportunity to build and create things on the fly, but she was interested in more focused work.In 2010, after a decade in the film industry, Anna took her first silver smithing class, and never looked back. She went on to study at Fitzgerald School of Jewelry (New York, USA), The Jewelry Arts Institute (New York, USA), Penland School of Craft (North Carolina, USA), The Rio Grande Institute (New Mexico, USA), and Wolf Studios (Maine, USA). In 2012, Metal Atelier LLC was formed in Brooklyn, New York. In January 2017, Anna made the decision to focus solely on her jewelry production. She packed up her studio and decamped for Berlin, Germany. She soon after joined Volksluxus, a goldsmithing collective in the Kreuzberg neighborhood, where she remains today.

Much of Anna’s work is based on the disparate ideas of Japanese Wabi Sabi and the aesthetics of punk rock. She blends the bold colors and patterns with an idea of appreciating the beauty of worn objects. Non traditional jewelry techniques are also often incorporated, such as setting colored stones upside down to create colorful spiked pieces.

Guillaume , +4917661362999

Guillaume Airiaud is an artist who focuses his practice on explorations of traditional handcrafts. He studied Art at the Academy of Art in Nantes (Fr) and history of Art in Nantes and Berlin, where he settled in 2007. 2 years later, he met Volksluxus founder Michael Steger, who initiated him to silversmith techniques. He since created various scultpural accessories for fashion designers, musicians and private collectors, and was comissionned in 2014 by Hermès to create 11 horse masks.

His style results from the observation of anatomical aspects of animals and insects, which are then merged with human features. The transformation of the metal itself takes on an organic process, and through the smithing, the rigidity of brass sheets mutate into malleable matter, thus gaining the morpholical structure of muscles and bones.