Our Beloved Monster

Volksluxus – Annual Exhibition 2017
on 25. and 26.11.2017 at Naunynstr. 52/53, 10999 Berlin

The last thing Minotaur saw before he died was the jewelry.

It was the dazzling jewelery wreath that Ariadne held for her hero Theseus as a luminous salvation over his head to find the way out from the labyrinth. The silver sword that killed him saw Minotaur, the mixed birth of bull and human,  no more.

Michael Steger immortalized the Minotaur in his own way; as a monster that looks threatening only at first glance, but that we may all carry within us. Unfortunately, Micha did not survive the other evil monster he carried in him, the cancer.

The giant Minotaur, a brass mask, was Micha’s last creation. It was designed by him, implemented by his artist friends and finished, forged, and brought to life on the shoulders of the dancers. In our exhibition, we celebrate Michael’s irrepressible creativeness and energy which will always live on. Because, of course it was he who made the jewelry for Ariadne at the time. Nobody knows anymore …

Minotaur and Volksluxus artists Guillaume Airiaud, Alexander Dammeyer, Troels Primdahl, Sybille Jagfeld, Kasia Wielusinska, Anna Butwell, Dana Scherer, Annelies Steen, Maren Weise, Juri Peters, Rieke Prock, Yasaman Pishvaei and Tom De Pascalis are looking forward to your visit!

Thousand thanks to our neighbours Kreuzberg Pavillon and Pelle Mia for room and support!

  Opening ceremony: 25.11.2017 at 19 o’clock

  Opening hours: Saturday 25.11. from 15 to 22 o’clock, Sunday 26.11. from 1 to 7 pm

 Volksluxus, Naunynstr. 52, 10999 Berlin Kreuzberg, phone: 0157 71581582

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